About Me

My name is Jennifer and I want to help guide you on your journey towards Mindfulness.

My personal journey began years ago when I started practicing yoga. One of my early experiences was participating in a blended yoga class, which added vibrational and sound healing to traditional yoga. That small change released energy that had been trapped within my body and brought out feelings and emotions in a way that took me to a new level of Mindfulness.

Excited by that experience, I joined another class that used Crystal Singing bowls to generate sound, which again, moved me in ways I could not explain. The soft tones of the Crystal Singing bowls vibrated calmly within my body. I left the class with a new sense of self-confidence and an even deeper level of calm.

This ultimately led me to explore a Sound Bath.  It was a one-hour journey that changed my life forever. I was bathed in sound vibrations generated by different modalities and instruments...trusting the journey, releasing the tension and negative energy that had built up in my everyday existence.

The profound life-changing power of these experiences led me to become a practitioner of Sound Healing Therapy, and I have continued deep into my own journey of self reflection. I feel so connected to the power of this experience that I am making it my life's mission to share this vibrational healing experience, and become a gentle guide for others on their journey into Sound Healing.

Thank you and I hope to see you at an event soon!

With Love and Gratitude,



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